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     ...trauma can unlock incredible abilities. Some people can fly, others can control fire, and some can outrun sound itself. And yet, while the stuff of dreams has become commonplace, the waking world has shifted into a nightmare.

     Suddenly faced with a populace wielding unimaginable power alongside deep-seated trauma, the city succumbs to fear. For most of the Empowered, their abilities become a burden. None can use their powers in public, none can use their skills for profit, and the safety of unpowered civilians takes precedence over their own.

Enter, our protagonists. 

     Our story follows Sundiata, a guilt-ridden time manipulator with a knack for unemployment, and Nadia, a moralistic telepath determined not to lose control, as they balance frayed mental health against an unsympathetic police state. But when a malevolent presence rears its head, their neuroses become the least of their problems.                                                                                           

     Can our heroes make the most of their abilities before the option is taken from them?

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